Bolinox was born in 1975, the years of experience in manufacturing stainless steel sheets and attention on the demands of the market led the company to produce only carpentry for electrical panels in AISI 304/316L, and let to today, a impressive range of products ranging from small junction boxes and panels, the compositions of cabinets battery.

Bolinox ensures excellent technical assistance, using a qualified staff that responds quickly to many demands, including special products, delivering all types of products quickly.

Very dynamic company in 1998 certify their Quality Management System according to UNI EN ISO9001: 2000 accredited with an international body “DNV”, with which you update in 2009 with the new UNI EN ISO9001: 2008.

Over the years he perfects the technical characteristics of products, receiving various types of certification, including: Certificate IMQ (CEI EN 62208 standard reference) and on the whole range of products, even those special certification Ulus Listed on ensuring their square degree of protection NEMA Type 4X.



Bolinox s.r.l. is certified by Det Norske Veritas according to the new ISO9001: 2015 directives.
The products are also certified according to the UL standard.